If your website has a lot of traffic but few conversions, your website design might be letting you down.

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59% of global consumers crave beautiful design over simplicity. (Source: Adobe)

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To design is to challenge the status quo. To bring something new and desired into existence.

By combining design principles with strategy, Agile Digital creates innovative digital products for your business.


case study

La Peste

La Peste

In 2017 we were recruited by “El Cañonazo” to design and build the official web application for Movistar+ TV series “La Peste”, to support their transmedia universe.

In 2019 we designed and built the Season 2 web platform, an Alternative Reality Game for “La Peste” fans.

La Peste

Digital technology requires a fresh approach to design. There are few hard and fast rules for what will and won’t work. (Source: Deloitte)

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