The Plague

UX/UI Case Study

We were recruited by “El Cañonazo” in Spain to create the UX/UI for the two seasons of Movistar+ TV series “La Peste”.

The objective was to reflect the true qualities of the brand, be engaging and memorable. The websites should also be responsive for use across all platforms.

The Plague


The Plague

La Peste (The Plague) was a Spanish superproduction created by Movistar+. For each of the two seasons, a rich digital transmedia universe was created to give La Peste fans additional interactions and enhanced experiences.


  • Consulting
  • UX/UI
  • Web design
  • Website development
  • Quality assurance
  • Project management
  • AWS hosting setup
  • Website support


In Season 1, the web application was intended to serve as a container for the transmedia universe of “La Peste”. As the show progressed, new content was created for the Internet and displayed in the web application. The web application also offered interactive experiences for users visiting Seville.

In season 2, we developed an ARG (Alternative Reality Game). The fans of “La Peste” were invited to play and solve some challenges online and in-person in Seville. This would earn them points and help them climb positions in “La Garduña”. By solving all games, they would uncover the identity of El Gran Maestro.


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