Expression Engine to WordPress Migration

Home of Mortgages, a prominent player in the mortgage industry, sought to transition its website from Expression Engine to WordPress. The client aimed to maintain the existing design while enhancing functionality and ease of management.

Home of Mortgages

Expression Engine to Wordpress

Website Migration

Home of Mortgages Website Redesign by Agile Digital Agency

Client Background

Home of Mortgages is an independent mortgage broker in the UK that offers a range of mortgage products and services.

They assist clients with various mortgage needs, including first-time buyers, remortgages, buy-to-let solutions, and more specialised options.

Client Background

The Challenge

Transitioning from Expression Engine to WordPress posed several challenges for Home of Mortgages.



The migration process required meticulous planning to ensure the seamless transfer of data while maintaining functionality. Preservation of the original design was also a key concern, as the client aimed to retain their branding identity while incorporating necessary enhancements.



Ensuring minimal disruption during the migration process was crucial to prevent any interruptions in ongoing operations and maintain a positive user experience for website visitors.



Home of Mortgages sought a WordPress platform that could accommodate future expansions and updates, necessitating flexibility in the chosen solution.

The Solution


To address the challenges faced by Home of Mortgages, Agile Digital Agency initiated with a comprehensive evaluation of the website’s structure, functionalities, and design.


Subsequently, our team meticulously recreated their original design, developed responsive templates, and seamlessly integrated them into WordPress, ensuring a smooth transition.



We further elevated the user experience by implementing leading UI/UX practices and creating additional components to enhance engagement.


We provided SEO content briefs for copywriting help, assisting the client’s copywriter in creating content that adheres to SEO best practices.

The Result

Agile’s solution brought numerous benefits to Home of Mortgages.

The migration to WordPress was seamless, ensuring uninterrupted online operations.

The revamped website featured improved navigation, engaging design elements, and additional functionalities, enhancing user satisfaction. Furthermore, the user-friendly WordPress interface empowered the client’s team to manage content independently, reducing reliance on external assistance.

With WordPress’s flexibility, Home of Mortgages could easily adapt to changing business needs and integrate future enhancements.

Positive feedback from key stakeholders affirmed the project’s success, praising Agile Digital Agency for the enhanced website design and improved user experience.



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