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Revamped HRC Culinary Academy’s site for enhanced user experience, engagement, and conversions. Improved content, design, SEO, and PPC increased visibility, interactions, and form submissions.

HRC Culinary Academy

Digital Marketing Services For The Premier Culinary School In Eastern Europe

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About the client

HRC Culinary Academy is the premier culinary school in Eastern Europe.

The dynamic 2-year program in Culinary Arts of HRC Culinary Academy is developed by educational and industry leaders to combine extensive hands-on training with upper-class practice at fine restaurants and well-known hotels and resorts.

About the client




The Project

HRC Culinary Academy approached us for a complete overhaul of their website. They sought a contemporary and interactive design, ensuring visitors could enjoy their experience while gaining insights into the Academy.

With an abundance of content, HRC required a reorganisation that would make it more accessible and digestible for students and visitors.

Our concept introduced a modern website featuring an animated design, enriching the visitor’s journey by offering comprehensive details about the Academy. We meticulously restructured the site, improving navigation and clarity to benefit both students and visitors.

Additionally, we successfully tackled the challenge of integrating a substantial HubSpot form without compromising its user-friendliness.

Following this, they entrusted us with managing their PPC campaigns and implementing SEO strategies to foster organic growth.




The journey to

website success

The challenge

The challenge

There was a lot of content on the HRC Culinary Academy previous website, and that needed to be reorganised in a way that students and visitors could better understand and digest.

Mobile first

Mobile first

As more and more people are using their phones as their primary internet source, it was essential that the HRC website had a good mobile UX. Our priority was to make the website easily accessible, quick, and clear.

WordPress development

WordPress development

The development team implemented the sections into a WordPress theme, giving the client the ability to build an unlimited number of pages while maintaining the style developed by the team. This provided the client with complete freedom to manage all their content without risk of breaking the theme’s style.

Streamlined site design

Streamlined site design

The new site layout is designed to do just that – provide a more intuitive and engaging experience for users.

Flexible content

Flexible content

To manage content effectively, we focused on approximately 15 different templates and broke them down into reusable components.

HubSpot integration

HubSpot integration

We created a custom form with multiple steps to break down HubSpot form fields into logical groups. This optimisation improved the user experience.

The integration of HubSpot has also assisted the HRC team in maximising their efficiency with managing new applicants.

The work we did resulted in a higher conversion rate on the application form, which was their primary objective.

Additionally, analytics showed that users spent more time on the website compared to the previous version. Overall, the project was a confirmed success for the HRC business.

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