Supporting Thames Reach's Mission Online

Case Study

If you manage a website, you know how crucial it is to have an efficient content management system. We have developed a powerful, flexible and modular content management system that enables Thames Reach to effortlessly manage all their website content. This system is user-friendly and easy to maintain, allowing the client to keep their website dynamic and up-to-date with minimal effort.

Supporting Thames Reach’s Mission Online


Website Development

About Thames Reach

About Thames Reach

Thames Reach is one of the largest homelessness charities in the UK, and their work is vital to helping some of the most vulnerable people in society.

They have an extensive network of hostels and outreach services that help those sleeping rough to move off the streets and into a more stable environment. They work tirelessly to provide support and assistance to those in need, and their work has been vital in helping to reduce homelessness in the city.

About Thames Reach



Services provided

  • Content Management System
  • 24x7 website monitoring
  • Website development
  • WordPress development
  • Website hosting
  • Website maintenance

The Project

Our team has worked with the Thames Reach charity for many years, developing, hosting, providing web support, and maintaining their charity website.

Our goal was to create a site that would allow Thames Reach to easily and conveniently manage all of the content on their website. After careful consideration, we decided to develop the website using WordPress and reusable components. WordPress is an excellent platform for creating websites; it is simple to use and easy to maintain. Reusable components are key to making websites more efficient and easier to update.

Our website maintenance services allow Thames Reach to focus on its vital work of combating homelessness.




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