Affordable SEO Services and Packages for Small Business

Boost your online presence in the US market with our cost-effective SEO package tailored for small businesses looking to:

  • Attain a solid SEO health score
  • Gradually advance in SERP rankings
  • Implement a sustainable long-term growth strategy
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    Maximize Your SEO Potential with Our Affordable Package

    Our budget-friendly SEO package is tailored to elevate your SEO health score, ascend in SERP rankings, and establish a sustainable growth strategy without breaking the bank.

    So, what can you expect from our budget-friendly solution?

    Optimized Web Performance

    Experience a significant performance boost as we optimize your website within the first three months of collaboration.

    Established SERP Presence

    Amplify your website’s visibility on USA SERPs using strategic keyword implementation, meta tags, and cutting-edge content optimization techniques.

    Advanced SEO Rankings

    Achieve superior SEO rankings on Google and Bing through consistent optimization and content creation.

    Surge in Organic Traffic

    Observe a substantial uptick in organic traffic, enabling search engines to effortlessly discover and rank your website, resulting in heightened sales and increased customer engagement.

    Client Success Stories

    Like yours, our budget-friendly SEO package has assisted numerous small businesses in the USA to elevate their search engine rankings and strengthen their online presence.

    Highly Rated by Our Clients

    5 Star Rated Company

    Agile Digital is rated 5/5 on average from 17 reviews on Google, Clutch & UpCity

    You too can achieve the same success

    with our affordable SEO package

    Our approach is divided into two phases, with a focus on strategic work distribution during the first three months and implementation during the fourth month for optimal results.

    Month 1 to 3:

    During the first three months, we will optimize your website globally to rank for more relevant keywords. This includes:

    Account setup, keyword research, and onboarding.
    Site audit with actionable recommendations for technical SEO / weekly follow-up
    Website on-page optimization: we will optimize the five main pages of your website.
    Content audit and content creation: 3 new articles (1K-1.5K words each).
    Submit website to 20 trusted online directories to ensure credibility and visibility.
    From Month 2: we will set up reporting and share regular reports with you.

    From month 4 onwards:

    By month 4, your website should have a strong SEO foundation and we will continue to keep it updated and optimized. This includes:

    Monitoring of Google Search Console, Broken Links, and Google Indexing
    Site audit with actionable recommendations for technical SEO / weekly follow-up
    Optimization: we will optimize two additional pages of your website each month
    Content creation: we will create 2 new articles per month (1K-1.5K words each)
    Directories: we will submit your website to five additional trusted online directories each month. Once all relevant directories have been exhausted, we will focus on other areas of SEO.
    Monthly reporting will be provided to keep you informed of progress.

    Transparent SEO Plan Costs

    Our SEO Plan offers a clear and straightforward pricing structure:

    $1,290 per month

    As outlined above, the work distribution differs during the first 3 months compared to the following months.


    • Our affordable SEO package has a minimum duration of 3 months and must be paid in advance.
    • We then invoice on a monthly basis at the start of each month.
    • Payments can be made via bank transfer.
    • Cancellation: Should you wish to cancel the service, a written notice of one month is required.

    Need more than this?

    For some businesses, our Affordable SEO Plan might not be enough. Because of various factors (competition, number of website pages, etc.) they may require either content or more expensive services like link building. Contact us to discuss your needs.

    Book a 15 minutes discovery call

    Schedule a consultation with one of our SEO experts to learn how our digital marketing services can help your business grow. Each call lasts approximately 15-30 minutes and will help us understand your business goals and how we can best achieve them.