AI Marketing Tools: 8 Strategies for Professional Services Businesses

05 Jan 2024 Last updated: 25 Apr 2024 By Agile Agency

According to Mastercard’s Small Business Barometer research, small businesses in the UK are embracing AI and prioritising sustainability but are being held back by rising costs and a lack of understanding of the latest technology.

A tenth (11%) of the UK’s small businesses are already using generative AI, and 31% say they’re likely to increase their use of technology like this in future. 

However, they say they need more support to unlock the benefits of technology like AI, with two in five (40%) wanting to use more digital tools in their business, but admit they don’t know which ones are best.

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The path to success for small businesses, as they grapple with the potential of AI, is not so much about adopting the technology as it is about strategically leveraging it. In the marketing domain, artificial intelligence (AI) brings up a world of possibilities for the professional services sector, helping them to better engage with clients and traverse the digital terrain.

Here are some significant ways AI will change the marketing of professional services businesses:

1. Customer-Centric Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising customer interactions in ways that cannot be matched. Chatbots, which are driven by AI, allow for instantaneous and personalised responses, which boost user engagement on websites and applications. Chatbot platforms, such as Dialogflow and ChatBot, can be easily integrated to offer responsive and dynamic customer support.

2. Data Analysis and Insights

For professional services businesses, harnessing the power of data is crucial. AI’s advanced analytics capabilities offer profound insights into customer behaviour and market trends. Consider employing tools like Google Analytics or IBM Watson Analytics to extract valuable information, enabling data-driven decision-making and tailored digital strategies.

3. AI for Marketing Automation

Use platforms like HubSpot or Marketo to streamline email marketing, social media management, and content optimisation. These tools enable your professional services firm to create effective, data-driven marketing strategies. AI-driven tools automate repetitive marketing tasks, allowing for personalised and targeted campaigns.

4. Predictive Analytics for SEO

Artificial Intelligence is particularly good at anticipating and optimising SEO methods. Tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush use AI algorithms to analyse data, find keywords, and forecast trends. These tools help your company create effective SEO campaigns that connect with your target audience.

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5. Personalised Customer Experiences

One of the main features of AI-powered digital services for small businesses is the ability to provide personalised experiences. By using tools such as Adobe Target or Optimizely, customers may receive dynamic content delivery that is customised depending on their preferences and habits.

6. Enhanced Fraud Detection

In the digital world, security is critical. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered fraud detection solutions, such as ThreatMetrix or Forter, offer an additional degree of defence, securing customer information and online transactions from potential dangers.

7. Marketing Intelligence and Market Research

AI-powered market research tools like Brandwatch or Talkwalker assist monitor brand sentiment and evaluate online conversations, providing crucial data that helps shape effective digital marketing plans. Small businesses thrive on being ahead of market trends.

8. Content Optimisation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a big impact on content creation and optimisation. Sites like Grammarly or Chat GPT use AI algorithms to improve content quality so your company can publish engaging, error-free material on several platforms.

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Embracing AI for Small Business Success

Professional services businesses, such as legal firms, consulting agencies, and financial services, can gain a competitive advantage by incorporating AI marketing tools into their digital strategy. By utilising tools that correspond with your particular offerings, you can offer clients creative solutions, data-driven insights, and a smooth user experience.

Stay ahead, stay agile, and embrace the future with AI.

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