Transformative SEO for UK Drainage Company

With Agile Digital Agency’s affordable SEO plan, Flow Drains improved the overall performance of their website, and ranked high on Google for over 50 industry-relevant keywords.

The project in a nutshell

The Challenge

Flow Drains grappled with severe SEO issues, including duplicate and inaccurate content on their site, hampering their search engine rankings.

The Solution

We resolved these issues by migrating their website to our servers, optimising performance, fixing on-site problems, and improving content quality.

The Results

Within six months, their search engine rankings soared, resulting in a 25-fold increase in organic traffic compared to their prior numbers.

Flow Drains

SEO Campaign for a

UK Drain Services Company

Flowdrains SEO Case Study

Client background

The W12 Group acquired Flow Drains to enter the drain cleaning market.

Flow Drains specialises in solving any drainage problem around the UK, no matter how big or small.

With the acquisition, W12 Group sought to rebrand and improve the SEO of Flow Drains’ website.

Client background

The Project


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The SEO Project

Flow Drains chose our affordable SEO package, which includes a set of monthly SEO activities designed to add value and optimise the website.

Initially, the website had significant SEO issues that affected its ranking. There was, for instance, duplicate and incorrect content across the website. This prevented Google and Bing from properly indexing the site, resulting in its ranking being lowered.

In order to improve its performance, we moved the website to our professional website hosting platform, and then we began rebranding it as W12.

The main goal of this project was to make the website more user-friendly and to improve its speed on desktops and mobile devices.

In the months following the implementation of this SEO strategy, Google was registering the new and updated content, causing the site to appear in search engine results.


Our results

after 6 months







A significant increase

in search engine rankings

Initial status

Initial status

When W12 acquired Flow Drains, the website had significant problems:

  • The website had been offline for some time.
  • The website’s content was repetitive.
  • There were many broken buttons and links.
  • Layouts were not optimised for mobile devices.
  • Website speed was slow.
Web performance optimisation

Web performance optimisation

This was achieved by minifying resources, eliminating render-blocking JavaScript, optimising images, and using a content delivery network (CDN).

Local SEO

Local SEO

In order to help search engines better understand Flow Drains’ presence in local areas, we reorganised and improved the area coverage page and started to distinguish the location-based pages with original content.

In addition, we enhanced the mobile version of the site and helped the client reclaim their Google My Business profile.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Creating keyword-rich, high-quality content is critical to ranking well in search engines.

Our affordable SEO plan includes creating content for our clients that is targeted at the right keywords.

Website migration

Website migration

As part of the migration, we switched over to our hosting partner’s infrastructure, which has the fastest WordPress servers in the world.

Onsite Optimisation

Onsite Optimisation

There were many broken links on the website and most pages had duplicate or incorrect content. We simplified the navigation, enhanced the main pages of the site, fixed broken links, and started optimising pages for relevant keywords.

As a result, Google began picking up the right keywords for each page.

Citations Cleanup

Citations Cleanup

After Flow Drains was acquired by the W12 Group, its NAP data needed to be updated. In order to ensure that the client’s citations were accurate and up-to-date, we started a citations clean up process.

Also, we listed Flow Drains in relevant directories both locally and nationally.

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