DIU Flexible Website Development with HubSpot

The German agency DIU.Digital sought an expert team to design their corporate website using the modular HubSpot COS platform. Our modular design approach provided them with the flexibility to easily create new pages and manage their website content without being overwhelmed by complexity.


HubSpot COS

Case Study

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German company, DIU, is a leading development and technology partner in MarTech with over 20 years of experience.

They had been using HubSpot forms and emails and decided to create their company website using HubSpot COS due to its ease of use, drag-and-drop capabilities, and customization options.

They had designed their new website, but needed an experienced company to integrate their designs into HubSpot, so they contacted us.

As an experienced agency with expertise in HubSpot, we were well-equipped to deliver on their requirements and help them achieve their goals.




Services provided

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The Project

DIU reached out to us, an experienced HubSpot agency, to help them rebuild their website using HubSpot COS.

Our team carefully explored their designs and identified a detailed list of custom HubSpot modules that would be needed. We then worked closely with DIU to implement these modules into their HubSpot CMS.

The modular design we used gave DIU the flexibility to easily create new pages and manage their website content without being overwhelmed by complexity. The drag-and-drop functionality in HubSpot allowed them to make updates and additions quickly and easily. This approach was a success, resulting in a website that is both professional and easy to navigate for their visitors.

We were excited to work with DIU and provide a tailored solution that met their specific needs, and exceeded their expectations.

DIU were very pleased with the process and the outcome of our work. They consequently commissioned us to build their JobFlow product website following the same process.


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