Amplify Donations

Case Study

The climate donation app that allows you to earn free donations for climate causes as you shop with sustainable brands.

Amplify Donations


Amplify Donations

Amplify Donations was created to promote sustainable brands and allow users who purchase through those brands to earn money for the charities of their choice. The platform makes it easy for users to find sustainable brands and learn about their products, while also providing a way for users to support the causes they care about.


  • Consulting
  • Mobile web app
  • Stack: HTML/CSS/Svelte/Node.js/Mongo DB
  • Stripe integration
  • WordPress CMS
  • Card linking technology
  • AWS hosting setup
  • Project management


The Amplify Donations startup chose us to develop their climate donations app.

The project required the development of complex user onboarding processes and the integration of a variety of third party systems such as card linking technology and payment subscriptions. The card linking technology allows users to connect their credit or debit cards to the system and make payments seamlessly. The payment subscription allows users to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription that automatically renews.

We are proud and happy to see the client very satisfied with how we converted their design concept into a highly functional mobile web application. The client had a very specific vision for their application, and we were able to successfully bring that to life. We’re always happy when our clients are happy, and we look forward to continued success in the future.




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