Multilingual Mobile Game for the WorldCup

We were hired to develop a multilingual mobile game for the last World Cup in Qatar.

The game was designed to be interactive and engaging, encouraging users to test their knowledge of Nike-sponsored players and have fun while doing it.


Nike Mobile Game Development

Case Study

Nike Mobile Game: For Real

The "For real?!" Mobile Game

Our partners, Fourstrong, engaged us to develop the “For real?!” game for the past Qatar 2022 World Cup. This game was launched for Nike and was integrated into their mobile app.

Users were presented with six players on the screen and given clues to guess which player these clues related to. The game encouraged speed, so people who answered correctly in the shortest amount of time were praised.

Upon completion, users could share their results and visit the “Player Locker Room” within the Nike app to purchase products related to the players they had just learned about.

This created a unique and engaging experience for users and a commercial opportunity for Nike.




Services provided

  • Mobile web development
  • Stack: HTML/CSS/Svelte/Node.js
  • AWS hosting setup
  • Technical project management
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The Project

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with our partners Fourstrong as part of their wider team, including designers, animators, managers, and copywriters, on a project commissioned by Nike for the previous Qatar 2022 football World Cup.

Our role in the project was to develop a multilingual mobile game, named “For real?!”, which was integrated into the Nike mobile app. Users were challenged to guess which of the six players on the screen matched the given clue as quickly as possible.

Using cutting-edge technology, we developed an interactive and responsive mobile game seamlessly integrated into the Nike app. To achieve stability during peak hours (people were urged to play via push notifications) with thousands of concurrent users, we designed the application to work entirely on the client side without any server-side whatsoever. This allowed a seamless and slick experience for the users.

The project helped build the excitement of the World Cup 2022 and provided a platform for Nike to showcase their products and connect with customers in a unique and engaging way.

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