Online marketing
to grow your law firm effectively

Things are different now. The economy is slowly starting up again, and our digital marketing tools have been fine-tuned and adapted to this new business model.

Online marketing <br /> to grow your law firm effectively

57% of customers looked for a lawyer on their own. Using an online search engine and visiting a lawyer’s website were the most common methods among those who have ever shopped for a lawyer. (Source: Legal Trends Report 2019)

Effective digital marketing services

It is difficult to consistently attract clients.

Lawyers can’t rely on the quality of their services alone anymore.

Competition is increasing as more and more lawyers emerge from universities. This increase in rivalry has also been influenced by consumer behaviour changes.

Firms that adapt to how clients look for their lawyer today, and in the future, will have the fullest opportunity for growing their business.

Your consumers

want information


of consumers want to know a lawyer’s experience and credentials


of consumers want to know what types of cases they handle


of consumers want a clear understanding of the legal process and what to expect


of consumers want an estimate of the total cost for their case


of consumers who have ever hired a lawyer say it’s worth paying a high price for a lawyer if they are very good

We help law firms

up their online game

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Americans are spending more time online.

When looking for a lawyer, 57% of clients would look for a lawyer on their own. Leaving a bad impression will only drive potential clients away.

We help you build your online presence, keeping your messages consistent.

Attract Clients

Attract Clients

Many clients use the internet to search for information before they hire a lawyer.

If they land on a law firm website that demonstrates the firm extensive knowledge of the practice area, there is a 42% probability that they won’t speak with any others.

As an expert Digital Marketing Agency for law firms, we’ll optimise your online presence, so you rank higher on search engines.

Engage Your Audience

Engage Your Audience

Many people increasingly engage with brands on social platforms.

Lawyers who share relevant, valuable content about their clients’ problems, challenges, and industries are much more likely to get an appointment scheduled than lawyers who have little or no information available them online.

If you aren’t interacting with your clients through social media, someone else is. We’ll help you understand how to leverage social effectively.

Establish Your Authority

Establish Your Authority

Most people who are struggling with a legal issue are looking for answers and reassurance.

Simply put, they want to see some evidence of the lawyer’s expertise before contacting the lawyer.

Lawyers who demonstrate that expertise with articles, video, and other content that shows not only their proficiency but also their understanding of their clients’ issues will be ahead of those attorneys who simply state on their website that they have expertise or knowledge in a specific area.

We help you gain the trust of potential clients using our intuitive, custom-tailored Website Design Services.

Firms that want to maximize their opportunity for new business should look at marketing their firm across as many channels as possible—especially through
online search and with their website. (Source: Legal Trends Report 2019)

Boost your law firm

Solid Online PresenceUltimate Lead Generator
Why do law firms need online marketing?

Nowadays, everyone makes inquiries online before consuming any service.
Thus, it’s essential for your law firm to have a digital marketing strategy in place.

In the legal sector, this must include:
– A professional looking and easy to navigate website.
– A presence in social networks, offering content that is useful to your audience.
– A presence in relevant directories.

Doing this will help your firm build a strong brand image and generate high quality leads.

How do you compare to Findlaw and other similar agencies?

We can only speak from what we have read about these agencies online (Findlaw, Scorpion).

We have seen comments such as the agency forgetting about you the moment you sign a long term contract. Or the agency telling you they own your website and you have to buy if you want to end the contract. Not being transparent about the work done and so on.

We have been in the digital industry for 10+ years and we have not seen such practices before.

We simply don’t do that. We are here to serve you and help your legal firm grow. Not to threaten you nor make things difficult for you.

You’ll own your website and you’ll get the service you pay for.

We have created two plans that you will find suitable depending on where your law firm is in terms of growth.

What marketing plan is right for my legal firm?

We have created two marketing plans to help legal firms grow.

On both cases, we offer attorneys peace of mind with a solid hosting solution and a SEO optimized website.

Our “Solid Online Presence” plan is aimed at Law Firms looking to have a website that looks well and performs well.

We have analysed many law websites created by other SEO and marketing agencies. And we are disappointed to see that many fail at one or more of the following aspects:
– Performance
– HTML structure
– Metadata
– Image optimization

This plan looks to ensure that every law firm has a solid and performing website that is looked at month after month to ensure that it performs like on day 1.

Our “Ultimate Lead Generator” plan is aimed at Law Firms who are focused on growth.

On top of everything they get from the “Solid Online Presence” plan, they get a team of specialists working on every aspect of their online presence.

These plans are tailor made for each client and are based on a retainer model.

Retainers vary in rates and amount of time you hire us per month. The more time you engage us the lower our rates will be.

Our base retainer starts at 3 man / days per month.